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    Grand Jury Findings on Housing

    Review of Proposed San Diego City Response to San Diego County Grand Jury Report Titled “Housing in San Diego County” On May 9, 2023, the San Diego County Grand Jury filed a report, titled “Housing in San Diego County”. This report focuses on approaches for dealing with the lack of land and money to build…

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    Mars Hotel Ruling

    This document is the Minute Order for the adjudication of the Mars Hotel Project. At the top of page two you will find the ruling “The Court has reviewed the record in light of the parties’ briefs, oral arguments and the applicable law and concludes the Petition should be denied for the reasons stated below.”

  • Urban Canopy Deficit

    Urban Canopy Deficit

    As many have seen recently, our urban canopy has been dramatically reduced. Some of the trees are old and need to be downed for safety reasons. Others are diseased and have to be removed. Additionally one of the largest numbers of trees are being removed by landlords and homeowners. The result is reduced shade that is not…

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    SDA Map

    On February 14th 2023 the City Council narrowly passed the 2022 Land Development Code (LDC) update with inclusion of the Sustainable Development Areas (SDA).   By increasing the maximum distance to major public transit from 0.5 to 1 mile developers will have access to an  additional 5,224 acres of land  including the site of the Mars…

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    2022 Land Development Code Update Presentation

    Opposition to proposed walking distance definition for mobility zones 1,2,3.

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    San Diego Muni Code Ch15 Article5 – Height Setbacks & Parking

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    Complete Communities Housing Solutions Regulations