Everyone deserves the option to live somewhere affordable, convenient, beautiful, and safe.

For Community

Our research into the Smart Growth needs of the community ensure those needs are heard and clearly understood by local government and developers alike.

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For Government

Our research and analysis of current and proposed policy along with polling of the pulse of the community ensures civic leadership can achieve Smart Growth goals.

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For Developers

Our deep knowledge of the community and Smart Growth principles can assist developers in meeting the needs of the community and create landmark projects.

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Mixed Land Use

Mixed land use brings more people to a neighborhood at a variety of times of day, which can support businesses, improve safety, and enhance the vitality of an area.

Compact Design

Compact design makes more efficient use of land that has already been developed.

Housing Choices

Housing options in a community will influence families’ economic opportunities, costs of living, and how much time they spend commuting each day.

Walkable Neighborhoods

Walking is a convenient, affordable, and healthy way to get around—so long as people can do it safely and conveniently. 

Sense of Place

Unique, interesting places that reflect the diverse values, culture, and heritage of the people who live there have the greatest staying power.

Open Space

Preserving open spaces can make communities more resilient, protecting them from natural disasters, air pollution, erosion, and high temperatures, while protecting animal and plant habitats.

Transportation Choices

High-quality public transportation, safe and convenient biking and walking infrastructure, and well-maintained roads and bridges— improves the day-to-day lives of their residents.

Equitable Oversight

Government can provide smart growth leadership for the private sector by supporting development of innovative, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use projects.

Community Input

Smart growth is not possible without the perspective of everyone with a vested interest in a town, city, or neighborhood. 

Latest News

  • Urban Canopy Deficit
    Urban Canopy Deficit

    As many have seen recently, our urban canopy has been dramatically reduced. Some of the trees are old and need to be downed for safety reasons. Others are diseased and have to be removed. Additionally one of the largest numbers of trees are being removed by landlords and homeowners. The result is reduced shade that is not…

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  • Meeting with INI Greenfield
    Meeting with INI Greenfield

    Normal Heights for Smart Growth met with the developer to discuss potential modifications to the Mars Hotel Project given that the proposed parcels are not in a TPA and therefore not eligible for variances to the Municipal Code under the Complete Communities Plan. We shared the concerns that the community has shared with us. We…

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  • Project Noncompliance Confirmed
    Project Noncompliance Confirmed

    We have obtained documentation that, on August 24, MTS confirmed in correspondence with DSD that there was never a plan to run two #11 buses along Adams Avenue. DSD has no basis to claim that the parcels identified for the Mars Hotel Project are in a TPA. The project is noncompliant until the developer revises…

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