“Our vision is for the re-establishment of a deep-rooted community: one that attracts new residents and whose inhabitants are planning to stay. We envision a stable community close to everything within San Diego’s urban core that offers a high quality of life” (City of San Diego City Planning and Community Investment Mid-City Communities Plan).

We share this vision.

We also welcome increased investments in neighborhood amenities, such as pocket parks and plazas, the preservation of existing affordable housing, and active transportation infrastructure, including pedestrian, bicycle, and public transit facilities as endorsed in the San Diego Complete Communities plan and agree that the nature of these developments must focus on, “quality single and multiple dwelling units that are compatible in scale and character with existing neighborhoods” (San Diego Municipal Code).

Our goal is to encourage Smart Growth approaches in Normal Heights and to reshape projects that do not comply with the requirements of Smart Growth and Complete Communities. Well-implemented, these approaches can help to address the need for affordable housing, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and support thriving neighborhoods.

We are currently working to reshape the Mars Project, slated for 35th Street and Adams Avenue, to make it compatible with existing infrastructure.

Find out more about Smart Growth here.